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She sings. He plays. She plays. He sings. Stolen Pearl is a two-piece folk New York based band from Paris, not-TX. They sing about people, places, love, life and death. More life than death.


Think about country-folk duets, maybe Cash and Carter, Emmylou and Gram, and blend it with a Rolling Stonian rock n’ roll vibe. In the end, you’d probably get something americana-ish, close to Ryan Adams, Steve Earle, or Jason Isbell. We don’t know really, but there’s definitely some singing, and some guitars.



Enough telling : Come listen to music, caught on tape or live, you’ll find your way easily here.


Love already,


- Fleur & Nils


Stolen Pearl is Recording

We are proud to announce that we are currently in Studio, finishing to record our first duo album. We recorded two more songs last week, and we really can't wait to share it with you. Find more updates and stories on our blog, or follow us on Instagram !  See Blog

With the Stream - Stolen Pearl
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Cherry Pie - Stolen Pearl
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Slow Killing Lifesavior - Stolen Pearl
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Dark Days - Stolen Pearl
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Love from Tennessee - Stolen Pearl
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Mink & Honey - Stolen Pearl
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